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This fusion of Greasemonkey and Slightly Stoopid Fruit will finish in about 8 weeks. It has unique terps and an incredible amount of frosty resin. It is not a homogenous cultivar but an amazing loot chest for the pheno hunter! The kind of person who likes to buy F2 seeds and hunt other terps than sour, cookies, fruit or Haze.  It is a polyhybrid like most of the strains today. There are 3-4 phenos. Stretch about 2.5 x during flowering period.

Samba Limited edition – 10 packs available worldwide


Greasemonkey ‘Starleaf Sativa’ is a very unique pheno of the GG4 x Cookies n Cream cross. Originally bred by Exotic Genetix Mike.

Very intense incense and THC scents mix with bath bomb taste and a little hint of cookies. Not hashy but harsh and tasty – flower and rosin. This variety is nice for a SOG. 16 lollipopped plants in a 2*2 is the perfect amount.

Lengthy and stretchy (x3) you can flower small plants but yield big ones in 9 weeks. The yield is average but the BHO or rosin return is excellent 👍


The father (Slightly Stoopid Fruit) is a very fast and vigorous Sativa dominant plant by The Humboldt Seed Company (Apricot Papaya x Strawberry Dream Queen). The selected pheno finished in 7 weeks but is not a big yielder. It smells a little bit like the Greasemonkey. Dominant harsh THC taste with fruit peel and some nice verbena and lemon hints. But fruit is not dominant in this Slightly Stoopid Fruit. More like a sandy, fizzy, dank goodness.

For every Stoopidmonkey order, get free Basement Chuckers Prayer Pupil S1 seeds !

Greasemonkey x Stoopidfruit
Suitable for
Indoor and Outdoors
Indoor flowering
8 weeks average
Indoor yield
Outdoor harvest time
Medium to late October
Outdoor yield
Medium to High
Outdoor height
THC level
Not available
CBD level
Not available
3 seeds per pack
Not available
May Relieve
Not available
Fruity, Harsh, Verbena and Lemon hints
Aromas (varies per phenotype)
Incense, Fruity

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