ChemZulu F1

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This historical cross is the first one from the “Samba Exclusive” collection. Once in a lifetime opportunity to put your hands in this F1 generation. No more future batches; limited edition.

A cultivar that exhibits big buds and a great leaf to flower ratio. The end result has impressed the breeder and the first growers themselves.

Bred by a detailed and meticulous micro-breeder: Basement Chuckers; bringing exclusive, limited and distinguished strains to the market. Hand picked seeds and packs include a serial number from 1 to 16.

We’re proud to present this gem to the public. A limited edition series of 16 packs, exclusively sold at Samba Seeds !

You’ll be astonished by this hybrid between the Zulu Sativa and the modern genetics from the Chemonade. The Sativa traits did not increase flowering time, but brought in pest resistance and a more vigorous trait.

The ChemZulu is a cross of the 🇺🇸 Chemonade:

“Chemonade by True Canna Genetics is a true elite strain from structure to smoke. Incredible side branching. Plants are so fragrent they begin to stink in veg. Resin coverage is so vast it creeps onto even the larger fan leaves. Aromas & flavors range from intense limeade/lemonade chem to the subtle cookie dough, popcorn, rubber &  tropical fruit juice. “ 

🇿🇦 With the landrace “South African Kwazulu”:

“A 100% sativa strain that grows wild to the north of the Drakensberg ridge, it flowers early, has a sweet taste and a physical and energising effect. Grown by generations of Shaka Zulus, who were one of Africa’s most significant farmer warrior tribes, legend has it that this plant was used in the battle preparations prior to the first British attack in 1879 and that its long-lasting and galvanizing properties enabled the outnumbered and outgunned Zulu army to repel the enemy invaders. One of the most resistant strains to pests and mildew, this genetics may be grown indoors and outside even at European latitudes.” From @worldofseeds 

Don’t look no further for a special strain that no one else will have the same.


South African Kwalazulu Sativa x Chemonade
Suitable for
Indoor and Outdoors
Indoor flowering
Average 9 weeks
Indoor yield
Medium to High
Outdoor harvest time
Late October
Outdoor yield
Outdoor height
Pest resistance
THC level
CBD level
Not available
7 Seeds per Pack
Creative, Relaxing, Happy, Uplifting
May Relieve
Information not available
Citrus, Pine, Chemical, Spicy
Citrus, Pine, Pungent, Woody, Chemical, Spicy

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3 reviews for ChemZulu F1

  1. Powerfulbudss

    Nice strain! She smells a bit weird in the beginning but after a few week in flowering she smells way better.

    Mine will be cut in a few days. Awesome and exciting plant to grow.

  2. Cannabico

    Chemzulu surprised me in taste, vigor and flower. The flowering time is shorter than expected for a landrace hybrid. Between 7 and 9 weeks every cut branch was a fire smoke / vape! Dabbed most of my stash as flowerrosin. Yielding 20-30%

    Visually it resembles the bud structure of a cookies but the smell and taste are much more special. Scent is more citrus chem like her mum (Chemonade) . Taste has some sweet and prickly hints of different spices and a gassy background.

    Just grew a few seeds but they all showed similarities in height and structure. Some sidebranching but not a room sucking monster. Moreover the chemzulu has been the most tolerant to spider mites. GlueberryOG has been infested much worse. CHEMZULU made it to week 9 while I had to cut the others early due to the pests.

    Very vigorous, tasty ans unusual strain! 👌🍓🍋🍋🍋🍏

  3. 2x2growlife

    Great strain! checks up on all the boxes. These regular seeds are incredibly strong and are truly fighting plants! super frosty buds and unique terpenes. 10/10

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