Canned Poison

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This exotic Kush and Amnesia blend, originally created by the Spanish breeder Ripper Seeds, went through a pheno hunt and was selected for its size and resin production. 

Samba is aware of the advantages of working with Bubba Kush crosses, a cultivar that brings in stacked and advantageous-sized plants onto the next generation.

The parents from this strain are an Amnesia x Lavender Kush cross, with the already mentioned Bubba Kush. Beautiful plants, Kush flavours, purple tones and a great quantity of trichomes are a trademark of the Canned Poison. 

Added to the Samba Collection and present on our catalogue from the start. This huge plant won’t let you down !

The predominance of the Bubba genotype is visible on this generation, a stacked and high yield cultivar. But there are more Lavender/Amnesia lean phenotypes that will make a super good impression! This more Sativa expression, combined with a dark colored leaf aspect, purple calyxes and lavender smell, will bring something very exotic and beautiful to your garden.

Samba strain selection criteria

We decided to bring you this strain due to its:

  • Dense bud structure – high bud to leaf ratio.
  • Stable breeding line – Bubba Kush phenotype leaning, strong and stable cultivar.
  • Exotic terpenes profile: Lavender/Amnesia special phenotypes.
  • Genetics lineage: consolidated based.


(Lavender Kush x Amnesia) x Bubba Kush


Indica dominant
(Amnesia x Lavender Kush) x Bubba Kush
Suitable for
Indoor and Outdoors
Indoor flowering
55 to 60 days
Indoor yield
Medium to High
Outdoor harvest time
Early to Medium October
Outdoor yield
Outdoor height
THC level
CBD level
Not available
3 Seeds per Pack
Body High, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve
Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
Berry, Fruity, Pine, Sweet, Woody
Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet

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2 reviews for Canned Poison

  1. The Witch Doctor

    I am growing this strain right now. Its going very well! This strain peaked my interest right away when i saw the genetics. I,m a big fan of retro strains so (lavender kush x ammo) x bubba kush screams out to me for several reasons. Its got 3 legendary strains in its poly-hybrid make up that all bring something to the table. The lavender kush bang, cemented down with rock solid amnesia crossed with bubba kush the turbo booster for your future endeavours! A complex mix of landrace make up the ancestry, with some latitudes and longitudes that will blow your mind. Some of these that light my fire are Hawaiian, indian, lemon Thai plus a portion of Chem Dawg and NL. These plus others should produce great flowers! Definitely keep your Ph below 6. Mine liked it low on that front. 5.6 to 5.9. I have one phenotype in particular with great inter nodal spacing! Lots of bud sites! Full of vigour for sure! Definitely feeling that Samba vibe in my jungle lab! I give it 5 stars so far if people are tight on their basics. Nutes Ph etc. If you are very inexperienced, you will be told by the plants very quickly which is how we all learn!

  2. 2x2growlife

    My buds are drying right now, they look amazing. This plant runs on low nutrients but grows FAST. i grew a indica dominant pheno and it was amazing. The sativa pheno (more rare) looks amazing aswell

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