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One of the most yielding strain from Fruity Genetics. 

The Bubba Kush mother is a selection from Mr. Style cut, chosen due to high production and well formed structure. The Kush flavour is predominant, with mint and cinnamon undertones.

The second parent is the male “Mandarin Staylah”, that has a dominant and clear citric mandarin terpenes profile, with a remarkable smell to smoke flavour transfer.

Outcome is a cultivar that presents dense and trichomes-rich flowers, herding the Bubba Kush high yield aspect, combined with the fruity terpenes profile from the Mandarin. Secondarily, the cinnamon influence is also not missed.

A well-formed plant structure and homogenous canopy formation are also highlights; also being able to surpass the grams per watt yield rate when indoors.

With a 8 weeks average duration for the flowering period indoors, and for outdoors it will end of middle of September.

Outdoors this cultivar can reach a medium sized height, with huge buds and even reaching an impressive 2000g yield per plant.

Very resistant cultivar, has passed through stress various tests and showed a zero rate of hermaphroditism. 

Genetics: Bubba Kush x Mandarin Staylah

Sex: Feminized

Breeder: Fruity Genetics

Flowering: 50/60 days Indoor – Middle Sept for Outdoors

Yield indoor: 550-650g/m2

Yield outdoor: <2000g

Flavour: Mandarin with a cinnamon touch

🇪🇸 Español (Spanish)

Una de las variedades más productiva de “Fruity Genetics” que nace entre Bubba Kush seleccionada por Mr. Style cut que tiene una muy buena producción y estructura con un sabor a kush con toques de menta y canela, cruzando con nuestra Mandarin Staylah que es dominante en sabor a mandarina y muy buena presencia.

El cruce da lugar a una variedad con densos cogollos llenos de tricomas teniendo la producción de la bubba kush y el sabor dominante de la mandarina con un toque a canela.

Tiene muy buena estructura y homogeneidad entre ellas, pudiendo superar el gr/w en indoor bajo HPS y con una floración de 8 semanas.

En exterior da plantas de una estatura media estilo arbusto creciendo más a lo ancho que a lo alto, con cogollos enormes llenos de resina llegando a dar de producción hasta 2000 g por planta.

Genética: Bubba Kush x Mandarin Staylah

Tipo: Feminizada

Banco: Fruity Genetics

Floración: 50/60 dias Indoor – Inicio/mitad Sep. Outdoor

Producción indoor: 550-650g/m2

Producción outdoor: <2000g

Sabor: Mandarina toque canela

Bubba Kush x Mandarin Staylah
Suitable for
Indoor and Outdoors
Indoor flowering
8 weeks
Indoor yield
Outdoor harvest time
Middle September
Outdoor yield
Very High
Outdoor height
THC level
CBD level
5 Seeds per Pack
Creative, Relaxing, Happy, Uplifting
May Relieve
Citrus, Cinnamon
Citrus, Woody

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Dimensions 0.5 × 15 × 10 cm

5 seeds per pack