frequently asked questions

We are constantly searching for a selection of well-stablished or modern; limited and exclusive genetics. Looking for interesting and relevant genetics, analysing the current Cannabis market situation and bringing to our customers interesting and proven choices.

Still we enjoy new and modern genetics, exquisite combinations of hybrids that output distinguished results. We’re open for collaborations with exclusive breeders, and also with graphical artists. 

We are design-focused and aim to build a robust and recognisable brand, in symbiosis with the Cannabis world.

Our intention is to not provide a rich catalogue, but a selected and relevant one. And always with the Samba vibes.

Unfortunately, we are limited to E.U (European Union) countries, except for the countries in which cannabis seeds are illegal to be imported. 

Due to the current Cannabis legislation, we are unable to ship worldwide.

There’s a constant change on the cannabis legislation worldwide; so you can find the most up to date list of shipping countries during the quick checkout process, before placing your order on our website. You can add one product in the cart and go to the check-out page, and then click on the list of countries, under the Shipment address section. 

If you have any questions regarding the countries that we ship to, please send an email to or visit the “Contact Us” page. 

The payment methods currently accepted are:

  • iDeal
  • BancoFort
  • GiroPay
  • Overboeking (SCT)
  • Mybank
  • Bancontact
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin with 15% discount
  • Paypal (could be temporarily disabled)

 Credit cards are still not accepted, but can be used via a Paypal account.

Note: If you’re interested in paying by “Cash by Mail”, drop us an email at and we will give you more information. 

Yes, it is very important to send seeds safely and discreetly without raising extra suspicion. 

That’s why we place the orders in a generic mailing envelope, in which there is no sign of the content or brand. In this way, security and discretion are guaranteed.

The shipment costs can be calculated directly via the shopping cart, after adding your products. 

If you have any questions regarding shipment, please email us at

If you have made an error on your shipping address, please get in touch with us at as soon as possible providing your order reference number and correct address.

Once your order is sent, we are unable to make any changes.

If your order is held up by customs, any charges that may incur will be the buyer’s responsibility and whether you finally receive it or not will depend on the regulations in force in your country.

It is the buyer´s responsibility to check the regulations in their country before making any purchase at our website.


SAMBA SEEDS will not be responsible (no resend / no refund) if the order is held up or confiscated by the customs in your country. 

We are able to sell a maximum of 25 seeds per order, according to the current legislation.

Yes, Samba Seeds will include some free seeds on every order. 

The freebies can vary  and are not guaranteed to be the same on every purchase. provides the following options as freebies, included on every order: Super Silver Haze feminized or Purple Kush automatic. 

For the Island Seeds Bank orders: free CBD or Regulars SourZ from Island Seeds

For order payed with Bitcoin: Free 10 seeds of FreakLime (Freakshow x Limez) from Island Seeds

Unfortunately not. SAMBA SEEDS is not allowed to provide any information or help regarding Cannabis grow. All the information exhibit on our site is for educational purposes only. 

Due to the European legislation, we are unable to reply to any growing questions via email or social media.

Please check your local laws before germinating any seeds.

Limited editions are exclusive varieties that are offered for a limited period of time and normally they are sold in reduced stock. If you are really interested in any limited edition, we recommend you to buy it as soon as possible because we cannot guarantee these varieties will be available in the future.

Several varieties are crossed in order to obtain a more vigorous hybrid than the original genetics, trying to combine the best characteristics of each pure variety and reducing to a minimum the negative characteristics of each one.

This is the reason why the hybrids are more productive, powerful, adaptable and easy to grow than the pure varieties from which they are developed. However, their genotype is more unstable when crossing seeds in breeding projects.

Regular seeds can produce feminine plants as well as male plants. They are most indicated if you are interested in using male plants to produce seeds in your own breeding projects. If the growing conditions are adequate, the percentage of feminine plants is normally superior to the one of male plants. This is especially true for the most tropical sativa varieties, where the percentages of feminine plants usually go beyond 70-80%.

On the other hand, feminized seeds produce only feminine plants (the percentage being over 95-98%). They are most indicated for growing without seeds where the priority is to maximize the number of feminine plants since the very beginning, or to avoid any problem of undesired pollination from male plants